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My Top Ten Books 2017 @RenitaDSilva @liz_fenwick @rowancoleman @MannMatharu @hotpatooties @_janelleharris @ChristieJBarlow @_PankajGiri @Chanatkins @SandyTaylorAuth #Book #Review

Here are my Top Ten Books read in 2017. You can see my top ten from earlier years here 2016, 2015 and 2014 🙂 In 2017 I read 162 books in total, but excluding books of the Bible, short stories and children’s books, I read 111 novels, novellas and a couple of non-fiction books. Of… Continue reading My Top Ten Books 2017 @RenitaDSilva @liz_fenwick @rowancoleman @MannMatharu @hotpatooties @_janelleharris @ChristieJBarlow @_PankajGiri @Chanatkins @SandyTaylorAuth #Book #Review