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“A strikingly intelligent book about intelligence itself” – Sarah Perry, author of The Essex Serpent


17-year-old Laura Bow has invented a rudimentary artificial intelligence, and named it Organon. At first it’s intended to be a sounding-board for her teenage frustrations, a surrogate best friend; but as she grows older, Organon grows with her.

As the world becomes a very different place, technology changes the way we live, love and die; massive corporations develop rival intelligences to Laura’s, ones without safety barriers or morals; and Laura is forced to decide whether to share her creation with the world. If it falls into the wrong hands, she knows, its power could be abused. But what if Organon is the only thing that can stop humanity from hurting itself irreparably?

I STILL DREAM is a powerful tale of love, loss and hope; a frightening, heartbreakingly human look at who we are now – and who we can be, if we only allow ourselves.

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My Review:

I Still Dream is a cracking story about humanity, the creation of artificial intelligence, and the impact each of those things have on each other.

I love science fiction books, but this felt a little different to many of the others I’ve read. This book is quite a slow burner, but in no way do I mean boring. I didn’t want to put this book down. Just don’t expect fast paced, action packed comic book style science fiction. This is very much character led, reflective, thought-provoking, and scarily realistic. And when I say character led I mean both humans and artificial intelligence.

The main character, Laura is a strong female character, who I grew to love and care about throughout the journey of her life. This story begins in 1997 when Laura is a teenager. If I’ve got my calculations correct, I’m two years older than Laura, so was able to really feel myself in her shoes throughout the decades. The beginning of this book felt really nostalgic, as I was reminded of that unforgettable screechy sound of loading up computer games on cassette tapes, small hard drive space on computers, Our Price, Doc Martens, and seeing The Manic Street Preachers live.

Nostalgia aside, I was so intrigued by Laura’s creation. Organon is a computer programme she created just for herself. It’s sort of a cross between a therapist and a friend, in that it listens, asks questions, doesn’t judge, and allows you to answer. Organon fed my lifelong obsession with robots and artificial intelligence, and I really miss it now I’ve finished the book. What am I going to do without Organon? *Has a mini cry*

Early on in this book, I was filled with intrigue about Organon. What will it become? What will it be used for in the future? Who will get their hands on it? Is it safe? As the story progressed into the future, and a very different world to 1997, those questions were answered.

Overall, I Still Dream was a compelling read that had me completely engrossed. I would definitely recommend this to fans of science fiction, and those intrigued by modern technology and where it may take us in the future, as well as those who love a good character led story.

5 Stars


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