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Bring Me Back, by B.A. Paris is published on 8th March, but is available to pre-order on Amazon Kindle, paperback and audiobook right now 🙂


The million-copy bestselling author returns with a breathtaking thriller – available to pre-order now

‘We’re in a new Golden Age of suspense writing now, because of amazing books like Bring Me Back, and I for one am loving it’ Lee Child

The Disappearance
Twelve years ago Finn’s girlfriend disappeared.

The Suspicion
He told the police the truth about that night.
Just not quite the whole truth.

The Fear
Now Finn has moved on.
But his past won’t stay buried…

‘An addictive new voice in suspense fiction’ Sophie Hannah

‘Just finished this BRILLIANT book…Clever, addictive and twisty, I couldn’t sleep until I found out the truth…The twist floored me! Utterly compelling from beginning to end’ Claire Douglas

‘Made me stay up way beyond my bedtime! BA Paris has a knack for getting into your head.’ Jane Corry

‘A tale of dark secrets, with mystery and intrigue building up and up to an ending with a fabulous twist. I devoured it – I couldn’t turn the pages quick enough.’ Mel Sherratt

‘This book is compulsive reading from start to finish. A perfectly crafted work of art, seamless and mesmerising. I envy those yet to read it for the pleasure they have in store.’ Amanda Robson

‘A cracking page turner with a killer twist.’ Camilla Way

‘An incredibly pacy, heart-pounding thriller – the twist at the end left me reeling. B A Paris does it again in this exhilarating exploration of love, jealousy and betrayal. A must read for 2018!’ Phoebe Morgan

‘Bring Me Back will not leave your hands until you have turned the last page!’ Wendy Walker

‘Bring Me Back is AWESOME. That final twist!’ Lisa Hall

‘Great read and OMG that ending’ Annabel Kantaria

‘Bring Me Back was utterly brilliant. Couldn’t put it down’ Roz Watkins

‘So dastardly – so devious – so good!’ Kaira Rouda

‘Kept me guessing to the end…Fabulous’ Vicky Newham

‘This dark deliciously twisty thriller will keep you guessing till the end.’ Mel McGrath

Bring Me Back

My Review:

Well, I’ll be damned, this author has done it again! I loved this darkly twisted mystery thriller.

Bring Me Back is a gripping psychological thriller filled with mystery, lies, dark secrets and characters you’ll be suspicious of trusting. This is definitely a book many will struggle to put down once they pick it up, so make sure you start it early in the day if you plan on getting any sleep.

This story had me gripped from beginning to end. Starting with the eerie scene when a couple stop at a gas station. This reminded me so much of Tanya’s restaurant and horrendous separate outdoor toilets at Services on the A30 near Bodmin. We went there recently on our way up to Yorkshire, and we’ll never stop there again. I would honestly rather wet myself than freak myself out using their creepy painted black toilets ever again. When I came out of the toilets our car was unlocked and my husband was nowhere to be seen. My heart was pounding out of my chest at the time, as I was briefly convinced he’d been kidnapped and murdered during the two minutes I’d been in the toilets. Luckily he did eventually appear, but we will never stop there again no matter what. Check out their 66% of terrible 1 star ratings on TripAdvisor if you think I’m exaggerating.

Anyway, once this book had traumatised me slightly by reminding me of my very own scary encounter and therefore sent my mind back into full-blown panic mode, I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery of this story. I did work out a couple of things in advance, but not everything, so there were surprises in there too.

I loved the focus on Russian dolls. They made me feel nostalgic, as they reminded me of when I worked at The Bead Machine, which was a quirky hippy shop in York. I worked there on Saturdays and school holidays from the age of fifteen to eighteen and mostly sat at the back counter making earrings, while being watched by a shelf of Russian dolls that stood on the wall directly behind me. I’m glad I worked there before reading this book, otherwise I think I may have been more suspicious of them, eek!

I’ve read all three books by this author and loved them all. So, not only do I highly recommend Bring Me Back, but also Behind Closed Doors and The Breakdown.

5 Stars


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    1. Ha ha, I don’t think I’d even taken in that it was a Russian doll on the front cover until I started reading it 😉 I was definitely along the right lines in working out the mystery, but didn’t quite figure it out fully, which is good, as I do love a surprise 🙂

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