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Jules Just Read… January 2018 – #MonthlyReads #FinishedReading #BookReview #Books #BooksRead #Audiobooks #Birthday #Paperbacks #Review

Wow, it’s already February! Where has the first month of 2018 gone?!

The best place to start is to mention some of the reading changes I’m hoping to make this year. My blog is now one year old, woohoo, and I absolutely loved blogging last year. However, being self-employed, I really need to focus more on the job that pays the bills, and therefore spend less time reviewing and blogging. So the changes I’m hoping to make are to not request many books on NetGalley, reduce blog tours, decline most direct review requests and not feel guilty about it, and focus more on reading many of the books I’ve bought, which I’ll still review (all on Goodreads and some on my blog), but won’t have the pressure of time limits like I do with blog tours.

That also means that at least for now, I won’t be doing a Book of the Month, as it’s time consuming creating another blog post and sharing it, especially as my favourite books will still be reviewed and blogged about throughout the month and mentioned in this post. My aim is to just share my favourite reads on my blog and do a Jules Just Read post each month, so I can keep track of my monthly reads and challenges.

On the subject of challenges, my main challenge is just to LOVE reading whatever I want whenever I want 🙂 Last year, I set myself the task of reading 2 physical books a month, and often failed, so I’m reducing that down to just 1 book for now. The paperback I read in January was The One, by John Marrs, which was a cracking 5 star read. Another opportunity for me to add buttons to a book ❤

The One buttons350

I’m also determined to try and get through the New Testament of the Bible this year, after taking 3 years to get through the Old Testament. Wish me luck!

In other news, I got a free 3 month trial for Kindle Unlimited on Amazon near the end of December, so I’ve been having fun reading KU books and have been making the most of the audiobooks available under KU too, which means I can get through so many more books, as I’m now able to listen to books while cooking, housecleaning and doing some of the easier work tasks at the computer. I’m loving listening to audiobooks

It was also my 40th birthday in January and I’m pleased to say I got lots of books, which I’m really excited about reading. These were gifts from The Huzbind…

Birthday Gifts 2018 600

These are ones I bought a few days later with birthday money…

Birthday Bought 2018 600

Jules just read…

In January I read 9 novels, 1 non-fiction book and listened to 11 audiobooks. Below are links to all my 5 star reviews. You can view the rest of my reviews on Goodreads 🙂

5 Star Reviews of Books I Read

The Tattooist of Auschwitz


The One

Wild Life

The Toymakers

The Venetian

5 Star Reviews of Audiobooks


Everything We Keep

Happy February reading folks 🙂 xxx


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