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#BookReview – Call of an Angel, by Patricia O’Toole @callofanangel @Blackbird_Bks #nonfiction #spiritual #angels


A true life modern day book about angels. Told from a remote corner of Ireland, where it all began.

How often do you follow your instinct? How many times do you know something is going to happen before it does? Is this a hidden sixth sense at work?

Patricia’s life transforms from an ordinary existence as a working mum, living with her two sons in rural Southern Ireland, to the extraordinary after she comes across a forgotten, soon-to-expire gift voucher. Through an unusual series of twists and turns, she comes to understand and eventually accept the gift of being able to communicate with angels. Patricia describes the events that led her and her sons into amazing contact with beautiful angelic beings…

O’Toole invites you to an uplifting voyage of discovery, perhaps to discover those skills within yourself that are yet to be realized. Her wish is that her journey, and the angel messages she passes on in this book, will help guide you to open your mind to a sense of awareness previously unexplored or perhaps, simply, misunderstood.


My Review:

Call of an Angel is a non-fiction book which covers a woman’s early experiences with angels and spirits, how her abilities to see them improved over time and how it impacted and shaped her life and that of her sons, as well as covering topics such as fairies, orbs, auras and chakras.

This book brought out the girl in me. It reminded me of my own childhood experiences and dreams of fairies and spirits. Apparently I used to talk to a particular corner of the ceiling in the living room when I was a baby. Goodness knows what I saw. I do wish I could remember, but I was far too young. Then there were a few unusual things that happened in our house shortly after my childhood dog died, and the couple of years as a teenager when I saw shadow figures walking across my bedroom at night, and my great grandma coming to me in a dream the night she died. I’m sure someone with a non-believing mind will have logical ways of explaining all these things, but I’m not interested. All of these things are my personal memories, and I choose to believe there is more to life than just the obvious and logically explained aspects the majority of people choose to accept.

I love trees and hugging them. There is something magical about them, especially when I’m surrounded by them in woods or forests. It’s hard to explain, but as soon as I enter the woods, I feel like I’ve left my normal life behind. They feel so magical and incredibly calming. I suppose I’ve always felt at one with nature, be it growing vegetables, gardening, flowers, trees, frogs, birds, bees and country walks. I would choose nature over modern technology any day (well, except for my Kindle perhaps).

Overall this was an enjoyable and interesting read, and definitely one I’d recommend if you’re interested in angels and spirits and how we as living humans may be able to connect with them. I would say it is written more in the style of a memoir than a self-help book. However, it made me realise how much more connected with nature I was when I was younger, before ill health and work commitments got in the way. It has inspired me to try harder to connect with nature and work towards a healthier balance within myself. Perhaps one day I’ll even go to a spiritual day or workshop like those mentioned in this book. Who knows, it may change my life.

4 Stars


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