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Author Blogger Shenanigans Nov 2017 @HollyMAuthor @TeresaDriscoll @AnnaMansell @jenwellswriter

After a very hectic few weeks of selling buttons, travelling up to Yorkshire, attending my brother-in-law’s wedding, frantically struggling to keep up with book reviews, and stuffing my face on Christmas food, I now finally have some time to create a blog post about my fun day out in November, where I got to meet a few authors and fellow bloggers and reviewers.


The Author and Blogger Shenanigans event was in Exeter, so about two hours drive from where I live in Cornwall. Luckily I managed to talk The Huzbind into coming with me, and we also popped in on my close friend, Claire in Exmouth to take her along to the event with us. We left our old dog, Milo to play with Claire’s husband, George and their two long-nosed hounds for a few hours, so Milo had a great day out too. I’ve known Claire for many years, and it’s her that actually got me into properly reviewing and blogging. You can find Claire here on Twitter.

Once I got over the sheer terror of meeting so many new people, especially after only two hours sleep, I had a great time getting to know such enthusiastic and talented people.

I’ll start with author Holly Martin, as she is the one who actually organised this fabulous event. Holly mostly writes romance, chick lit and Christmas themed books, so not really in my preferred genres (well, except for anything festive or fairy tales). I have read a couple of her books though and thoroughly enjoyed Fairytale Beginnings πŸ™‚

Fairytal Beginnings

My 4 star review of Fairytale Beginnings

I’ve been a huge fan of Teresa Driscoll’s books for some time now, so it was wonderful to finally meet her in person. We actually mostly talked about the novelty buttons I sell online. I discovered Teresa through her earlier women’s fiction books, but having also read her more recent psychological thriller, I can say she has a great talent for both genres. I can’t recommend her books enough, so please do check them out here on Amazon.


My 5 star review of Recipes for Melissa

Last Kiss1

My 4 star review of Last Kiss Goodbye

I am1

My 5 star review of I Am Watching You

Anna Mansell is a fellow northern lass like myself, who just happens to live in Cornwall too. Needless to say, our conversation focused on the important things in life, such as books, buttons and Yorkshire puddings (including vegan and gluten free versions) πŸ˜‰ Anna’s books to date are contemporary and romance, and I’ve really enjoyed both of them, so please check them out here on Amazon.

How to

My 4 star review of How to Mend a Broken Heart

Lost Wife

My 4 star review of The Lost Wife

Now on to authors who are new to me and therefore whose books I haven’t read yet.

It was lovely to meet Jennifer Wells, who is one of the authors I spoke to most about books, including preferred genres, the trend of Christmas books, and the importance of book blurbs and covers. Her books are about love, family, betrayal and are set in the early 20th century. They sound like the kind of books I enjoy, so I’ve already bought The Liar for my Kindle and have The Murderess on my wish list. I’ve noticed they’re also available on Kindle Unlimited. I’ll report back on these once I’ve read them.


Sam Carrington made me chuckle, especially as a couple of our conversations seemed to revolve around alcohol. Sam writes psychological thrillers. Here they are on Amazon – Saving Sophie and Bad Sister.


Richard Dee happily joined in on our Yorkshire puddings conversation, and I’m looking forward to checking out his books. He writes science fiction and his books are available here on Amazon. His book Ribbonworld is currently free on Amazon Kindle, and is happily sat on my Kindle waiting to be read.


It was also lovely to meet Loreley Amiti, and not just because she loves my somewhat quirky fashion sense, which is a combination of what a toddler and my grandma would choose to wear. Loreley writes historical and literary fiction (which is currently in German), as well as children’s picture books. I got to have a little peek at one of her children’s books on the day. It’s called The Moon LanternΒ and looked really good. You can find the rest of her books here on Amazon.


I also met Alice May and her daughter, Hannah –Β H. T. King. Alice is a mixed media artist, but has also recently started writing family drama fiction. She has written Accidental Damage and Restoration, which are both available on Kindle Unlimited.


Hannah is an author and blogger. She writes young adult fiction – Undercover Thief and Thief Underground, which are also available on Kindle Unlimited.



Later in the day I also met fellow book blogger Rachel Gilbey, who is also a blog tour organiser over at Rachel’s Random Resources, and Ian Hobbs, who is the founder of Devon Book Club.

Overall, it was a great day, and I’m looking forward seeing the same people again and meeting a few others if there is another event like this next year πŸ™‚


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