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Jules Just Read… November 2017 – #MonthlyReads #FinishedReading #BookReview #Books #BooksRead

Gosh, November has been such a busy month! I’ve really struggled to fit in much reading, due to being so busy selling novelty craft buttons. My customers are going crazy for them during the run-up to Christmas 🙂

I also attended an author and blogger event in Exeter last weekend, which was great fun. I took a few photos, so I will create a little blog post about it once I find some time to do so. Fingers crossed, I’ll get it posted some time later this week.

I did manage to get through 9 books in November, but it has felt like hard work with me being so busy in the day, struggling to keep my eyes open on a night to read, and don’t get me started on the effort it has taken to write all those reviews while feeling like a zombie. I’m actually not sure how I’ve managed it, to be honest, and the pressure took the fun out of reading and reviewing. I’m going to have to reduce my reviewing commitments this time next year, as my work really does use up all my time and energy this time of year!

I only managed 1 physical book, instead of the 2 I’m meant to read each month, oops! Oh well, one is better than none I suppose 😉

Seagulls Cover

In fact, Seagulls in the Attic is also the only non-fiction book I managed to read for Non-fiction November. I had hoped to read 4 non-fiction books, but in hindsight, that was clearly far too ambitious, considering my increased button-related workload and fiction review commitments too. Perhaps I’ll do better next year. *Makes mental note not to commit to too many reviews next November* 😉

It’s also a little disappointing that I didn’t manage to pick up my Bible all month, especially after picking it up in October for the first time since April, and reading 5 books of the Old Testament. Not sure how I’m going to find the time, but I’ll try read some more in December to make up for it. I was really hoping to finish the Old Testament before the end of the year.

The good news is that for the third month in a row I’ve managed my challenge to keep my NetGalley shelf down to 5 books or less by the end of each month. It’s currently back down to 3 books, which I’m really happy about 🙂 I’m actually currently reading one of those books, and the other two aren’t published until early next year. I think I’ve finally got my NetGalley obsession under control. I’m still regularly adding books, but I’m managing to read them at the same rate I’m adding them, yay! It feels so much better than having loads of books on my shelf, and feeling guilty that I’ve not reviewed them in time for publication.

Here are the books I read in November…


5 Stars

250 Maid's

My review of The Maid’s Room

250 A Little Bit of Christmas Magic

My review of A Little Bit of Christmas Magic

250 Lucy's

My review of Lucy’s Little Village Book Club

250 Mother

My review of Mother

4 Stars

250 Icicle Falls

My review of Christmas in Icicle Falls

250 Seagulls

My review of Seagulls in the Attic

250 The Best Little Christmas Shop

My review of The Best Little Christmas Shop

250 Just One Time

My review of Just One Time

3 Stars

250 Deaths Dec

My review of The Deaths of December