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#BookReview – Did You Whisper Back? by Kate Rigby #Psychological #Fiction #Mentalillness


Set in the nineteen-seventies, Did You Whisper Back? begins with Amanda Court’s longing to be reunited with her estranged twin sister Jo. Following a false lead, Amanda leaves her Merseyside home and family and goes to Devon to work as a chambermaid where she believes Jo now lives.

Gradually it emerges that Jo is, seemingly, just a figment of Amanda’s imagination arising from distorted childhood truths.

Did You Whisper Back? is a psychological novel about family secrets and a disturbing portrayal of the fragility of the mind.

Did you whisper back

My Review:

Did You Whisper Back? is a character led story that is very psychological as it focuses on mental illness, distorted memories of the past and delusions in the present.

Due to the lack of mental wellbeing of the main character, this is at times rather an unusual read, as the reader is taken on a downward spiral into the confused mind of a young woman. However, I love this kind of thing, so although not quite knowing where it was going at first, I was easily absorbed by this story and found it rather addictive.

This only took me about two hours to read, so it’s an ideal length if you fancy something quick between full length novels.

4 Stars


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