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#BookPost – Signed Copy of Witch Dust, by Marilyn Messik @marilyn_messik

A few weeks ago this book post came as a complete surprise, and what a wonderful surprise it was ❤ I now have all three novels by Marilyn Messik and they all live happily together on my signed books shelf 🙂

I’m actually on the blog tour for Witch Dust, so you’ll get to read my review when I help to kick off the tour tomorrow, but I wanted to share this photo with you today, as I finally took a photo of this book.

I have a strong emotional bond with Marilyn’s books, as my dog, Pebbles posed with Relatively Strange over two years ago. Sadly, she passed away a year and a half ago at the impressive age of fourteen and half. Each time I’m reminded of Marilyn’s books I find myself thinking of Pebbles too ❤

As Pebbles isn’t here to pose with Witch Dust, I added a framed photo of her when she was a youngster ❤

Pebbles Witch Dust

On the last page of this book, there is a section called ‘by the same author’ which has snippets of reviews for Relatively Strange and Even Stranger. Imagine my delight, when I spot part of my own review for Even Stranger at the very bottom of the page! I definitely got to have the last word when it came to this book, ha ha 🙂

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