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Jules Just Read… July 2017 – #MonthlyReads #FinishedReading #BookReview #Books #BooksRead

I managed to improve on my June reading of just 7 books, and in July read 11 books, 1 sampler, and 2 children’s short stories 🙂

Having failed my challenge to read at least 2 paperbacks a month, for two months in a row, I managed 3 physical books in July, thanks to the help of my six year old niece, who came to stay for a few days last week 🙂

July 2017 Roald Dahl

The Fox and the Star is such a beautiful book. I bought it a few months ago and it has sat looking pretty on the spare chair in my reading room ever since ❤

I’ve not read any of the Bible since April, which is very naughty of me. I must do better!

Yippee! For the first time this year I’ve achieved my challenge to get my NetGalley shelf down to 5 books or less. I’ve got it down to just 4 books with no books pending, and of those 4 books, 3 of them aren’t published until October and November, woohoo! I’m so pleased I’ve finally done it. Now the challenge is to keep on top of it 😉

Here are the books I read in July…


5 Stars

250 13

My Review of Thirteen Reasons Why

250 Summer of

My review of The Summer of Impossible Things

250 Manipulated Lives

My review of Manipulated Lives

250 Charlie

My Review of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

250 Scrabbage

My review of Planet Scrabbage and the Vegerons

4 Stars

250 Lost Wife

My review of The Lost Wife

250 Fox Star

My review of The Fox and the Star

250 Friend Request

My review of Friend Request

250 Dear Mother

My review of Dear Mother

250 Deadly

My review of Deadly Friendship

250 The Witches

My review of The Witches

250 a skinful of shadows

My review of A Skinful of Shadows (sampler)

3 Stars

250 Beneath

My review of Underneath a Burning Sky

2 Stars

250 Utmost Happiness

My review of The Ministry of Utmost Happiness


8 thoughts on “Jules Just Read… July 2017 – #MonthlyReads #FinishedReading #BookReview #Books #BooksRead

    1. Thanks, Claire 🙂 Physical books are my next real challenge. Dying to read lots of the books I’ve bought. Reckon I should be able to start reading through some of those from about September (assuming I can continue to resist the NetGalley temptation 😉 xxx


  1. My NetGalley hates me there are so many books sitting needing read….
    I am with you on the Bible reading and feel terrible about it, the most I am reading atm are the daily verses I get sent to my phone :/

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    1. I’ve been really strict with myself and hardly added any new books to NetGalley, while forcing myself to work through the remaining books in publication date order. If I can stick to my own rule of having no more than 5 books on my NetGalley shelf at any one time, I should never get behind again. Let’s see how I’m doing by the end of the year. I suspect Christmas books will be tempting me in a month of two 😉

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