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#BookReview (4 Stars) – Witch, by Jill Benson @JBensonWriter #CrimeFiction #Supernatural


When children start going missing in three small towns on the outskirts of Kansas City, KBI field agents Rick Holland and Lucy Stuart are assigned the cases. While searching for the first child, the team stumbles across the body of a young woman. The circumstances of her death are eerily similar to a cold case that Agent Holland has been working on for years, a case that holds special significance for him.

Can this 31-year-old unsolved murder have a connection to the missing children? Holland begins to think maybe it does, and he and Stuart enlist the help of Dr. Maggie Fry, a specialist in folklore and oral history, who happens to believe she is the reincarnation of a 17th century witch.

After a series of unexplainable events, the agents must suspend their disbelief and travel into the bizarre and frightening world of witchcraft in order to discover what happened to the children and grapple with their own personal demons.


My Review:

Witch is a crime novel with a hint of witchiness (yes, I know that’s probably not a real word). As I’m not a huge fan of crime novels, my favourite parts of this story were the characters themselves. I particularly loved quirky old lady, Ettie and her daughter, Maggie. I was fascinated by the witchcraft side of this story. The witch’s ladder, ancient rituals and the comparison made between witchcraft and Native American beliefs was intriguing.

As the missing person count increased throughout this story, I was relieved the story didn’t get too bogged down in police procedure. Yes, there was plenty of investigating, but the witchcraft side of the story was prominent enough to keep my interest. In fact, I found the later part of the book hard to put down, and spent all of yesterday evening reading the second half of this book, as I needed to know how it ended before bed, especially as the tension increased nearer the end.

This is rather a long book, and although I didn’t find it slow moving, I did struggle with the number of characters. Some are introduced as the story progresses, so just when I thought I’d got the hang of who everyone was, someone else would enter the story to send me brain into overload. I’m sure this won’t be a problem for normal people, but due to my short-term memory issues it did take a while for me to get into the story.

This will be enjoyed by crime fiction lovers, but with a dark fairy tale feel to it, a little like Hansel and Gretel, I think this will also be enjoyed by fans of supernatural novels and dark fairy tales.

4 Stars


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