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#BookReview (4 Stars) – Dead Souls, by Angela Marsons @WriteAngie @bookouture #CrimeFiction


The truth was dead and buried…until now.
When a collection of human bones is unearthed during a routine archaeological dig, a Black Country field suddenly becomes a complex crime scene for Detective Kim Stone.

As the bones are sorted, it becomes clear that the grave contains more than one victim. The bodies hint at unimaginable horror, bearing the markings of bullet holes and animal traps.

Forced to work alongside Detective Travis, with whom she shares a troubled past, Kim begins to uncover a dark secretive relationship between the families who own the land in which the bodies were found.

But while Kim is immersed in one of the most complicated investigations she’s ever led, her team are caught up in a spate of sickening hate crimes. Kim is close to revealing the truth behind the murders, yet soon finds one of her own is in jeopardy – and the clock is ticking. Can she solve the case and save them from grave danger – before it’s too late?

Dead Souls

My Review:

The fabulous D.I. Kim Stone series continues with Dead Souls. This is yet another exciting and fast paced crime thriller.

Covering the dark topic of hate crime, this was quite a heavy read. Having been a victim of hate crime myself almost two decades ago when I was violently attacked by four grown men who repeatedly called me “white trash” while they kicked the living daylights out of me, I did find this book somewhat emotional in places.

I lived in a place that made me feel afraid and like an outsider for three years. My husband and I were forced out of our home a few days after the attack, when a child messenger came to tell us we were dead for involving the police! I was lucky and escaped with my life intact. I fully recovered from my back injuries within a couple of years, and my husband just has a chipped tooth from trying to defend me that night. Many people are killed in the name of hate and intolerance, and I fully believe if the same attack happened today, I would not have survived it.

I accept the emotional and psychological scars will never fully go away. It is because of this that I have such empathy for others going through the same and much worse. I was just a minority in a particular area of a city. Imagine being a minority in a whole country, constantly targeted on a daily basis. I really feel for those people. I had a multicultural upbringing and a very mixed religious childhood due to being christened Catholic, brought up Protestant, and for the first eight years of my life having mostly Saudi Arabian Muslims living with my family for 6 months at a time while they learnt English over here. All of this enriched my childhood, and I will never understand the vile hatred shown towards others of a different social group, be it race, religion, sexuality, or anything else. I truly believe that tolerance is the way forward, and I’m really pleased that Angela Marsons chose to write about this subject in Dead Souls.

As always, it was great seeing the same characters again. They feel so familiar, and I do love the banter and arguments between them.

Another great read that was very hard to put down. I’m confident fans of this series will not be disappointed with Dead Souls. I’m already looking forward to finding out what Angela Marsons comes up with next.

4 Stars


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10 thoughts on “#BookReview (4 Stars) – Dead Souls, by Angela Marsons @WriteAngie @bookouture #CrimeFiction

  1. I usually get very bored by police procedural stuff, but I really like the main characters in this series, so that helps with the potential boredom, lol 😉


  2. I am totally with you on the confusion over hate having been through a similar ordeal although mine wasn’t so much hate motivated. I do wish you hadn’t had to go through that and I admire you for being able to read this. I can’t read this genre because it cuts too close to the bone for me and I find it far too uncomfortable and triggering of bad memories. That being said, Hubs would probably enjoy this book! 😉

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    1. Thanks, Claire, and I’m sorry you too have been through something similar. To be honest, it’s not something I would actively wish to read, but if an author I like just happens to cover a particular topic I’m uncomfortable with I might brave giving it a go. It can make for very hard reading though, because as you say, it can trigger bad memories. I’ve discovered after reading this book how much it has brought those memories back to the forefront of my mind. Fingers crossed they’ll fade back into the background again soon xxx

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      1. Its very hard, I’ve made that choice because it’s a book by an author I really respect but likewise it can be quite risky. I do hope the memories do fade soon. Sending much love your way. 💜

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