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Jules Just Read… April 2017 – #MonthlyReads #FinishedReading #BookReview #Books #BooksRead

I read 9 novels, 1 short story and 13 Mr. Men books in April.

I also managed my challenge to read at least 2 paperbacks a month too, by reading my paperback copy of The Teacher and the 13 Mr. Men books with my 6 year old niece who came to visit for a few days 🙂

Ooh, and I also read 6 books of the Bible, which takes me back to a challenge I actually started a couple of years ago. In January 2015 I set myself the challenge to read the complete Bible within a year. I discovered that was an unrealistic challenge, and in fact hadn’t picked up my Bible since June 2015! It became so heavy going and somewhat depressing to read, so I kept putting it off. The good news is that it was just a rather extended temporary avoidance, and as of this April I am continuing my challenge to complete reading the Bible. However, I’ve decided not to put a time limit on it this time. I’ll continue to read it regularly for as long as my interest remains, and if I need to take a break then so be it.

My other challenge is to get my NetGalley shelf down to 5 books or less. In March I had 12 books to read and none pending. I’ve now got 11 to read and 1 pending, due to me constantly adding more books, argh! I must get 4 of those read in May, as 2 are published in May, and 2 were published in April, one of which I’m currently reading, and the other April one is a book I just added, due to everyone else loving it, and me battling with a fear of missing out 😉 So I’m just playing catch up on those. But overall I’m happy that I haven’t got really behind on NetGalley, phew!

Here are the books I read in April…


5 Stars

JJ Letters to Eloise

My Review for Letters to Eloise

JJ This Is The Day

My review for This Is The Day

JJ The-Beachside-Flower-Stall-Kindle

My review for The Beachside Flower Stall

JJ Differently Normal

My review for Differently Normal

JJ When-We-Danced-at-the-End-of-the-Pier-Kindle

My review for When We Danced at the End of the Pier

4 Stars

JJ The Teacher

My review for The Teacher

JJ Ten Birthdays

My Review for Ten Birthdays

JJ How to Be Human

My review for How to Be Human

JJ Fortune's Wheel

My review for Fortune’s Wheel

JJ The Note

My review for The Note


12 thoughts on “Jules Just Read… April 2017 – #MonthlyReads #FinishedReading #BookReview #Books #BooksRead

  1. I did the Bible challenge about ten years ago! It’s a bit of a slog but I got through! I did old & new testament which I don’t recommend that old testament is HARD! My plan was to do other religions but I lost my steam and have only dipped in and out of the others and not sat down and read cover to cover! Good luck with your challenge!! Here to offer support, a cloth for the brow etc!

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      1. Haha yeah, I think in pieces it would be fine and as a fantasy lover I loved the stories, there was such a connection between what I read and the way the stories in the old testament were written, esp Genesis, but reading it cover to cover really took the spark out of it! 😂

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    1. I’m planning on reading the Old and New Testament (eventually). I recently read from Esther to Song of Solomon. I’m hoping the New Testament is easier when I eventually get to it. Thanks for the support. I’m determined to get there in the end. Ha ha, when I first started reading the Bible, I was also considering reading over religious books cover to cover. I’m pretty sure that won’t happen anymore 😉

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      1. New Testament is easier to a point but it is because it is mostly stuff we have been taught. If you want to try other religious texts that aren’t Christain I highly recommend Tales from the Silk Road by Rumi (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rumis-Tales-Silk-Kamla-Kapur/dp/1601090498). He was a poet and philosopher (I believe) of Islam but his stories are more like parables and apply to everyone, not just Islam. I am the Christian that reads all different religious texts then her Church frown on her… I am from a very conservative Christain background! I daren’t tell my family that I read such stuff but at the end of the day how do we learn about other cultures if not through reading their religious texts alongside their history.

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  2. For the Bible in a year get yourself the Bible App from Youversion and it is one of their plans. Even if you started it today it would technically be finished in a years time.

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    1. I considered getting an app and reading the Bible on my Kindle or phone, but a part of me really wanted to read the physical book, so that’s what I decided on in the end. Ha ha, I’m curious, did your marriage turn out to be like Song of Solomon? 🙂

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      1. Ah well…no because in my opinion Song of Solomon was more the dream of what love would be. I will point out though that we went though more in our first 5 years than most do in 20 yrs and we are married something like 11 yrs and still very much in love. The trials did make us stronger and have a greater respect for eachother.

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