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Book Review (4 Stars) – Ten Birthdays, by Kerry Wilkinson @kerrywk @bookouture


“There are going to be so many things I wish I could’ve told you in person, Poppy. I won’t get the chance to do that, so perhaps this is my only way…”

It’s Poppy Kinsey’s birthday.

She should be blowing out candles and opening presents – but hers falls on the type of heart-wrenching, agonising anniversary she would far rather forget.

The worst day of them all. The day her mother died.

But this year is special because the person she misses most in the world has left her a set of letters, one for each of her next ten birthdays.

As Poppy opens them year by year, she discovers that no matter how tough life gets, her mum will always be by her side, guiding her along the way.

Ten Birthdays

My Review:

This was an enjoyable story. Although some may find it emotional in places, especially if you’ve lost a close member of your family, this book was quite a light and easy read.

I loved the idea behind this story, having each chapter as one of Poppy’s birthdays from the age of sixteen, and her receiving a letter from her dead mother on each of her birthdays, providing her with advice and revealing the past. While the idea was a good one, I felt each chapter moving on to the next year made the story feel too choppy and rushed. I wasn’t able to fully connect with the characters, as their lives moved on too quickly for me. Having said that, I did have tears in my eyes at the very end.

I quite liked Poppy, but I really wasn’t keen on Poppy’s best friend, Freya, and wished Poppy would toughen up and get rid of her.

Ten Birthdays put me in mind of Recipes for Melissa, by Teresa Driscoll, which I absolutely loved, but this didn’t quite grip me in the same way. Some readers may find Recipes for Melissa to be too emotional, so if you’re after a lighter, easier read then I definitely recommend Ten Birthdays

4 Stars


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5 thoughts on “Book Review (4 Stars) – Ten Birthdays, by Kerry Wilkinson @kerrywk @bookouture

  1. I’ve seen this around and it looks good but I think I’m now more in the mood for thrillers haha Great review, although I’m sorry it didn’t grip you as you had hoped!

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    1. I finished a book first thing this morning, so I’m now sat here trying to decide what to read this evening. I think I fancy something a bit dark, so will have to rummage through my unread books and see what I come up with 🙂


  2. Oh yes, definitely. I’ve already read Gone Girl and Dark Places. I decided on The Teacher, by Katerina Diamond. Only 50 pages in, but enjoying it so far 🙂 xxx


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