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Book Review (5 Stars) – Differently Normal, by Tammy Robinson @TammyRobinson76


Every family has its issues.

For Maddy, life is all about routine. It has to be, to keep her autistic sister happy and healthy. With just Maddy and her mother as Bee’s full time carers, there’s no time in Maddy’s life for complications like friends, let alone a boyfriend.

So when Bee joins a new Riding for the Disabled stable and they meet Albert, the last thing on Maddy’s mind is falling in love.

Some things, she’s about to learn, are outside of our control.

Albert has resigned himself to always being a disappointment to his strict father. When he meets Maddy, he gets a glimpse of what being part of a family can be like, and of the tremendous sacrifices that people will make for the ones that they love.

Differently Normal is a spellbinding story of love that will leave you breathless.

Differently Normal

My Review:

Having read and loved a few books by this author, I was really looking forward to reading Differently Normal. Yet again, I’m pleased to announce this was another wonderfully emotional book by a very talented author.

This story started off quite funny and light hearted, with me giggling at a Santa Claus look-a-like and what he gets up to in his spare time, and moustache waxing, as my hubby has wax for his moustache and oil for his winter beard, and no, I’m not married to Santa Claus, before anyone asks.

As I progressed through this book, I became much more emotionally involved, and felt the story weighing down on me more and more. This is a touching and heart breaking tale of family bonds, family struggles, health issues and young love.

Being married to someone who has had seizures in the past, I could relate to how awful it is watching someone you love having seizures, and how incredibly terrifying it is to witness it happening.

I don’t want to say any more about the plot, other than while a part of me loved how this book ended, another part of me kept trying to re-write parts of this book to try and prevent emotions I could feel bubbling up inside me.

If you are after a fluffy feel good book, this definitely isn’t for you. However, if you’re after an emotional love story, with real feeling characters, that takes you on a journey of struggles and heartache, I highly recommend this book. Just remember to buy a box of tissues at the same time as buying this book, as I suspect you will have to wipe away your own tears at some point throughout this story.

5 Stars


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    1. Thank you 🙂 Tammy Robinson is a great author, and I always end up getting really emotionally involved when I read her books. Lessons from Ducks is probably still my favourite so far. I LOVED that book ❤ Many people love Charlie and Pearl, but I've not read that one yet. I believe that one is likely to make me cry.

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