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Liz Fenwick Book Signing for The Returning Tide at Truro Waterstones @liz_fenwick @WaterstonesTRU

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing author Liz Fenwick at her book signing in Truro Waterstones. It was wonderful to see that her new book is already in first place in the Waterstones book chart. Woohoo!

I’ve not seen Liz Fenwick since a book event in Falmouth about a year and a half ago, so it was lovely to have a good chat about all sorts, including her wonderfully heart breaking new book, The Returning Tide. I can’t recommend it enough. The Returning Tide is my favourite book by Liz, and I’ve read all her books over the last few years.


My husband has actually read three Liz Fenwick books too, and really enjoyed them. I can’t wait to see what he thinks of this one. I’m dying to know if he’s going to cry like I did, ha ha. Here are a couple of photos of Mr Pip and myself with Liz.

I have physical copies of all of Liz Fenwick’s books. In fact, I have two different versions of A Cornish Stranger (I still prefer the old version of the cover). Mr Pip actually won an ARC copy of The Returning Tide in a competition, hence me getting to read it early, but I still wanted a final published version of The Returning Tide to go with the rest of my signed books collection.

Waterstones in Truro is where I first discovered Liz Fenwick. I walked into the shop a few years ago, and her first book, The Cornish House was on the book chart shelves. I was immediately attracted to the cover, as it reminded me of the back of my own Cornish cottage. I bought the book based on its cover, and have been a fan of Liz Fenwick ever since. Sometimes I wonder what if the cover had been completely different and I’d never discovered that book and the ones that followed. Argh, scary thought! Best not to dwell on such thoughts, as luckily that didn’t happen, and I’ve had the pleasure of reading some wonderful books by Liz Fenwick over the last few years.

Books by Liz Fenwick:

The Cornish House

A Cornish Affair

A Cornish Stranger

Under a Cornish Sky

A Cornish Christmas Carol (novella)

The Returning Tide

Where to find The Returning Tide:


Amazon UK

Amazon US


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