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Jules Just Read… January 2017

I read 10 books in January, which I’m pleased with. I found the challenge to read 125 books in 2016 a little too hard, so I reduced my challenge down to 100 for 2017, Having read 10 books in January, I’m managing to stay on track, for now.

I’ve also set myself the challenge to read at least 2 paperbacks a month, and actually read 3 paperbacks in January, so I’m really happy with that.


On the subject of paperbacks, I have so many of them I’m dying to read, that a few months ago, I also set myself a new NetGalley challenge (or should that be restriction), to get the number of books on my shelf down to just 5 books, and keep it at that level or lower, so that I can also focus on the many books I already have. I’ve got it down to 6 books, with 2 more books pending, so it may increase to 8, but let’s see if I can get it down to 5 or less by March.

Another thing I’m impressed with is how many 5 star books I read in January. Half of them were 5 stars. I think it’s because I’m becoming much more selective about the books I agree to review, and getting braver at saying no to authors when I either don’t have the time or their book just doesn’t appeal to me.

Here are the books I read in January…


5 Stars

I’ve just noticed my 5 star reads seem to have a couple of cover themes. Coastal (beach huts, lighthouse, and a shark in the sea) and windows 🙂


My review for Little Sister


My review for The Long Weekend


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My review for The Breakdown


My review for The Damselfly

4 Stars


My Review for Willow Walk


My review for The Lost Daughter of India


My review for Lily’s House


My review for Twisted 50

3 Stars


My review for Good Me, Bad Me