My First Blog Post

Hi folks,

Having set up this blog yesterday, I think I’ve worked out enough for me to write my first post. I do have a book blog on BookLikes, but it has been running so slow in recent months it’s almost impossible to use, so I needed to find an alternative. Thanks to the advice of some wonderful book blogglers I know at #BookConnectors, I decided on WordPress.

I’m finding it a little confusing, but overall things are beginning to make sense. I’ve managed to create the basic page, make the background match the Annie Sloan Aubusson Blue colour I painted my reading room walls in recently, add to my About Me page, and add all sorts of stuff in the widgets section, so I think I’m getting there, although I’m sure there are plenty of things I’ve yet to learn about WordPress.

I don’t understand the Featured Image as I put an image at the top, but then it seems to disappear when I preview my post. I’m now wondering if that is just the image that shows on links to the post when a post is shared on sites like Twitter and Facebook?

As being on here feels somewhat strange at the moment, I thought the following photos were appropriate. Both are great books, by the way.

Ooh, the photos worked, yay πŸ™‚

I’ve not worked out how to follow people yet, so that’s my next mission.

Jules xxx


22 thoughts on “My First Blog Post

  1. Hiya. It looks great. I mentioned over on BC that I use WordPress on both my tablet and laptop. Every now and again I become brave and look for a new widget but I’m always scared I lose all of my work. Welcome to WP land anyway and I have now followed your blog xx

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  2. It looks great Jules! I’ve followed you now! Following others is easy – just go to their blog page and at the bottom right hand corner there is a wee button that says follow πŸ™‚
    Happy blogging lovely! x

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    1. Lol, I’m a Julie too, but I generally get called Jules by most people, except my customers and some of my family. I often sign my name Julies, and have to quickly change it πŸ™‚ xxx


  3. Looking good! Actually I don’t worry about the featured image as I find you get more views if you post your own photo and then copy and paste the link separately (always keep one photo over for that reason). I’m impressed you understand widgets – 9 months in and I don’t! Will follow.

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  4. I love this, I’m new to blogging and love reading so I really look forward to reading your posts and following your progress. To follow people, they sometimes have a widget in their side bar, or there’s the disappearing follow button on the bottom right haha. But I still have ot figured out how to “like” posts. I click the like button and nothing happens, let me know if you have figured this one out.

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    1. Good luck with your own blog. I’m still trying to get the hang of things on here, but it’s gradually making more sense. To ‘like’ things, just click on the actual word ‘like’ which is next to the star, and the word ‘like’ changes to ‘liked’ (if liking a blog post) or ‘liked by you’ (if liking a comment). I have noticed if reading posts through my mobile phone, I sometimes have to click on ‘like’ twice for it to work, but seems to work first time each time I do it on my computer.

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  5. Hey Jules, I am new to the community too. I published my first blog few minutes ago. Would be great to see you as a visitor too. πŸ™‚

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